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PIA Players "The Puppeteer" a hit!

On Thursday the 30th October 2014 the PIA players took to the Abbey Theatre stage in Nuneaton to perform “The Puppeteer”. The play featured music and dance, with the overall theme being spooky and comical. The group had been working hard in their sessions and during rehearsal the previous day, and their efforts paid off as the crowd enjoyed their display.

Day Opportunities Leader Alex Howell…

Princes Street Opening!

People in Actions new assessment service in Nuneaton will be hosting two open days during November and your invited! The open days will take place on the 20th and 21st of November 2014 between 10am and 3pm. The Ribbon cutting will take place on the 20th at 11am.

if you cannot make the open days and would like to arrange a viewing, this can be done by contacting Angela Rynn on 07717767195

People in Action at the Job Show!

People in Action were at the Job show as Hundreds of Coventry jobseekers gathered in the city this week for a recruitment day which promised more than 250 new vacancies.

The Job Show, which launched last year and hosts events across the UK, was held at The Welcome Centre in Parkside on Thursday 9th October and featured a wealth of local firms looking to increase their workforces. The event…

People in Action's "The Puppeteer"

Members of People in Actions Day opportunities will be taking to the stage late October. They will feature in a play titled “The Puppeteer”


“The Puppeteer is a Halloween play based on a haunted mask. The evil gypsy summons the ghost of a man called Jefferson whom tragically died in a fire and puts his spirit inside a mask. His ghost now seeks revenge on the towns people of Nuneaton.…

Record Breaking sum handed over!

Councillor Bob Copland as part of his Mayor’s Appeal Committee 2013-2014, handed over the record breaking sum of £71,260.30 to the Chairman of People in Action Jeff Hunt. Standing outside the now opened Mayor’s Café in Bedworth Miners Welfare Park which has benefited from the funds raised, Jeff said, “I am overwhelmed by the generosity of Nuneaton and Bedworth residents and the hard work Councillor…